Such a Colourful Walk in Morges!

For the Tulip Festival, which began on the 1st of April and lasts for 6 weeks, some of the educational team in the Morges daycare took advantage of the first few days of warmth and sunlight to go for a walk with the babies in the Independence Park, situated by the lake. What a sight: 120 000 colorful tulips in full bloom!
The educators comfortably set the babies into triplet strollers or baby slings and set off on a big adventure. The children happily smiled at the sight of the colors of the 300 tulips. The more adventurous of the babies were helped out of the strollers to take a closer look; allowing them to explore all of the senses.
The educational team particularly enjoys these excursions with the children: they often go into town to the market or by the lake.
“For us, it’s important to go out at least twice a day with the babies rain or shine. Being outside helps promote child development: new sensations like the wind on a child’s face, sunlight, or simply the noises all around….
Every year, we go to the Tulip Festival. It is a spectacle for the eyes but also a great way for a child to explore all five senses.” Jamuna, Early Childhood Educator in the Morges daycare.