Babilou-Cap Canaille daycares change name

All our Babilou – Cap Canaille daycares become KidsCare!

Since the very beginning, Cap Canaille-Babilou daycare centers have always put the well-being and fulfillment of children first. This commitment is what motivates us every day.

This name change reflects the evolution of the Cap Canaille and Babilou daycare centers. KidsCare embodies the fundamental values that have guided us up to now, while incorporating the new features that have been introduced in the crèche over the last few months and will continue to do so in the future. It’s the culmination of the major projects we’ve been working on lately, from extra day options to the arrival of organic food and our All Inclusive offer!

Of course, we will continue to promote a multilingual approach to awaken children’s curiosity and open-mindedness from an early age. Whether in French-English in our current crèches or in French-German in our next crèche in Berne.

This step illustrates our commitment to the planet. Eco-responsibility is at the heart of our concerns. We raise children’s awareness of environmental protection and adopt sustainable practices in our crèches. The Eco School label, which is currently being awarded to all our structures, is a fine example of this.

Every child is unique. That’s why we adopt a multi-pedagogical approach, supporting them in their overall development: intellectual, emotional, social and physical. And finally, we see each family as a valuable partner in the child’s educational journey. We grow together, hand in hand.

A change of name, but not of values!

With KidsCare, our new identity, we continue to embody the values we hold dear. This change of name and logo reflects our commitment to sustainable education, high professional quality and the happiness of your children.

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