Welcome to our Cap Canaille bilingual daycares

At Cap Canaille, children as early as 3 months old grow and flourish in a bilingual French / English environment.

As of 2 ½ years of age, parents have the possibility to choose a preferred language for their child. Through total immersion groups, children quickly learn a new language.

For babies who do not yet use words to communicate, our childcare professionals use basic sign language allowing babies to more easily express their emotions and needs. Simple signs for “to drink” or “more” are signs babies effortlessly master and use to communicate with their educators.

Cap Canaille daycare centers are open all year from 6:30am to 6:30pm to meet the needs of busy parents and help them balance their personal and professional lives.

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Imagination, Exploration and Discovery in our Mont-sur-Lausanne Daycare

Imagination, Exploration and Discovery in our Mont-sur-Lausanne Daycare

In the Mont-sur-Lausanne daycare the educational team is in tune to the different social, emotional and physical development of children. As of September, the educational team in our Mont-sur-Lausanne daycare has decided to focus on a more project based way of learning with the preschool groups. This allows our educators to carefully document the progress and discoveries of each child in 6 specific categories: Personal, […]

Get a place in a daycare for summer time!

Places are available in our daycares this Summer! The daycare of your child is closed during summer time? Your nanny is on vacation?  You would like your child to socialize and interact with other children? Our bilingual Babilou – Cap Canaille daycare centers are open all summer If ever you are interested, please submit a request and we will contact you to organize a visit […]

“Around the world” in our Bulle Daycare

“Around the world” in our Bulle Daycare

Children explore different countries and cultures as a theme in our Bulle Daycare Since September and until the end of the summer, children in our bilingual daycare in Bulle will discover several countries around the world thanks to a common theme developed in each age group of the daycare (infants, toddlers and preschoolers) and in both languages (English and French). With the help of Titou […]