Cap Canaille daycares become “All Inclusive”

An “all-inclusive” crèche to make life easier for parents and children

We are happy to announce that, since the beginning of February 2023, all our daycare centers offer organic and Swiss diapers and milch powder for all the children we care for.

Organic products to meet the needs of children

The organic diapers and milk powder we offer are responsible choices for your child’s health. The diapers are made from natural and renewable materials, without harsh chemicals for your child’s skin. The organic milk powder comes from cows fed with organic and Demeter labelled food. It is rich in essential nutrients for the growth and development of children, for families who decide not to breastfeed.

An offer that fits in with our sustainable pedagogy

Our sustainable pedagogy is based on respect for the environment and education for sustainability for future generations. The use of products adapted to the children we welcome is therefore a key element of our commitment to this philosophy. The brands we choose reduce our impact on the earth because they are made from sustainable and renewable materials. They are also less likely to cause allergies or skin irritations, which makes your children feel more comfortable. You can be assured of their well-being.

Relieve your daily life as parents

Our organic offer is a major advantage for parents who are looking for an environmentally friendly daycare center that is attentive to their children’s health. Few nurseries today offer this option to families. We are proud to have included high quality products, while allowing you to forget about the need for regular replenishment. This allows you to focus on your child’s growth and development in interactions with caregivers, rather than the problems of replenishing milk powder.

In the Babilou Family Switzerland Group, we are committed to a high quality of service and sustainable education. The introduction of organic diapers and milk powder in all our daycare centers is a further step in our quest for sustainability. We are convinced that this will benefit the health and well-being of your children, while reducing our impact on the environment. We are proud to be leaders in the field by offering superior quality products to our clients, a service that is not yet available in many daycares.

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