A night at the Mont-sur-Lausanne daycare!

Summer holidays are nearly here and in a few weeks, some of the children from the preschool groups will leave the daycare to go off to school.

On the 22nd of June, in order to say goodbye to children, the educational team in Cap Canaille Mont-sur-Lausanne organized a sleepover for the French preschool group. Ten children participated and they all enjoyed the many activities set up by the two educators in charge. The children were excited to spend the night with their friends at the daycare- without mum and dad; and for many, it was their very first sleepover.

The party began at 6 PM in the garden: parents were invited to the daycare to spend some time with their children and taste the delicious snacks prepared especially for them during the day. This little snack activity made the evening good-byes easier for both children and parents.

After the parents had left, a special dinner along with a treasure hunt and a balloon release were organized for the children. Later on, they quietly settled into bed and the educators put on a small Kamishibai (Japanese) puppet show for the children before they went off to dream land.

The following morning the parents were invited back to the daycare to have breakfast with their children.

It was the first time that Cap Canaille Mont-sur-Lausanne organized a sleepover for the children. It will remain a great memory for the children, their families and the educational team!

We wish all children happy holidays and good luck as they go off to school!