Yoga workshops at Cap Canaille Rolle

At the Cap Canaille Rolle daycare, educators in the toddler and preschool sectors have set up yoga workshops for children which take place two to three times a month. These workshops, which are held in the daycare, are presented in a very entertaining way in the form of games and stories.

Yoga is an excellent way to relieve physical and emotional stress for adults as well as for children.

Each session begins with an introduction by the educator, who explains to the children in a simplified way what it is all about through a short story that will allow the children to get moving.

The educator can use pictures or demonstrate the positions. Imitating various animals is often used to adopt desired positions such as the cat or upside down dog, while breathing deeply, lying down with eyes closed, will allow children to relax and refocus.

Through breathing exercises or experimentation with different positions, the child will relax, focus on himself and his body, and learn to concentrate while having fun trying to reproduce what the adult shows.

These simple techniques can easily be adopted at home and bring a real well-being to all!