A “vegetable garden” project grows in Cap Canaille Rolle

Planting, watering, harvesting… this is the project of the toddlers’ group of the Cap Canaille Rolle daycare, which since April has set up a “vegetable garden” workshop.

This activity, which will last until October, is carried out on the terrace of the children’s living space, which has been converted into a small garden for the occasion.

After planting the seeds and seedlings, the children and educators watered their garden day after day. And, this summer, the efforts paid off…Children were so happy to taste small tomatoes, salad, beans, corn or squash from their vegetable garden. Rubbing their hands against the lavender they planted and smelling the good smell that came out of was also a real discovery.

At the same time, the educational team conducted a project around the bean plantation.  The activity began with a story that took the children to the bean plantation. After watering each seed on cotton wool, they could discover that the seed was opening to let out a shoot. As in the vegetable garden, the children took care of their plants and watered them daily until they evolved into beans. Once the beans were grown, the children were able to take their shoots home in a small pot, which they had previously decorated.

Through the “vegetable garden” activity, the pedagogical objective is multiple. It is first and foremost an experience that allows children to come together, to create and share a common project.

Gardening enables children to develop their knowledge of the environment. It is a project that awakens children’s curiosity and makes them aware of the cycle of nature. Children enjoy experimenting, touching, kneading, watering, smelling, tasting. At this age, children are in the midst of exploration and all their senses are awakened.

Children can reproduce this activity at home. They know how to take care of the plants, and for the rest, as always you’ll have to wait until it grows!