Day without clock in the Rolle daycare

In the nurserie group of our Rolle daycare educators organized a day without clock.

An idea of the daycare educators to better be based on the needs of babies

The team wondered about the individuality of the child within the group and wanted to try this experience to think on the respect of the rhythm and needs of each baby. More precisely, the team wanted to test if the care meets the needs of each child or if the rhythm is imposed by the daily organization in the daycare. That’s why our nurserie team group decided to remove the clocks in the premises of the group during a day.

Considering the team of trotters who share the same premises had kept a traditional organization this day, educators had guidance on the time during the day. This is also the case with stewardship staff and external actor. So the day was without clock but not without sense of time for the team. By the way there was no upheaval during the day, except the children snack taken one hour later than usual.

Children who decide the rhythm of the day in the daycare

Nonetheless, concerning the individual care of the children (change moments, meals, rest and games) educators found that they could enjoy more these moments with the children without holding a particular timing and think of the next step of the day. The clock is no longer the point of reference and it’s now the children who chose the rhythm of their day. As a result, the team’s attention to each child is even greater than usual.

Experiencing this day without clock nursery teams expected to live more unforeseen but finally the lesson professionals learned is that they could be much more inspired by the rhythm of the child in their day-to-day organization. The team is currently thinking about a new day without clock, this time at the same time as the toddlers group who share the premises so that the immersion will be even stronger.

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