Develop your child’s autonomy with Cap Canaille daycares

Our 5 tips to help your child be more independent

As your children grow up, they gradually move away from total dependence on adults to discover the world around them. They learn to walk, talk and explore a little more each day. It is important for them, as well as for you, to encourage them in this process. The more support children feel, the more they will dare to try new things and the more you can help them develop a strong self-esteem! In our swiss daycare centers, we use a few tools to help them in these stages of their development:

Five essential recommendations

  • Encouraging them: We do not intervene directly in the activities, but we show them, through our gaze and posture, the emotional security necessary for a serene daily life. If they need help, the educators motivate them and give them ways to discover solutions by themselves.
  • Using imitation toys: Everyday objects, such as a small wooden kitchen, can provide children with their first access to adult reality. In our nursery in Rolle, we gradually integrate them into the daily lives. For example, they can grate vegetables or make pancake batter. The children also regularly participate in setting and clearing the tables. This activity gives them a sense of responsibility and builds their self-confidence.
  • Practicing CLW : In all our Swiss daycares, it is possible to request that child-led weaning be practiced. The child will discover tastes and textures independently and will have less reluctance to eat afterwards.
  • Going outside : It is so simple and yet so essential. We offer daily outings, regardless of the weather! In Mies and Villars-sur-Glâne, the children also spend a lot of time in the forest because of its proximity. The outings allow the children to discover their immediate environment, but also to develop other motor skills than indoors. It is common to observe children who are much more independent outdoors than indoors.
  • Not comparing : Each child progresses at their own pace and we are there to support them in this discovery. We must teach them to persevere and to see failure as an opportunity to try again. How many times does a child fall down before they are able to walk with confidence? Enough to discover and learn balance, to trust their body and their skills.

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