Imagination, Exploration and Discovery in our Mont-sur-Lausanne Daycare

In the Mont-sur-Lausanne daycare the educational team is in tune to the different social, emotional and physical development of children.

As of September, the educational team in our Mont-sur-Lausanne daycare has decided to focus on a more project based way of learning with the preschool groups. This allows our educators to carefully document the progress and discoveries of each child in 6 specific categories:

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication and language
  • Maths and science
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development

To help our professionals follow each child closely and cater the activities to their interests and needs a certain number of tools are used:

  • A weekly plan of the activities offered to children is scheduled
  • A list of objectives touching on the above listed areas of development for each activity is proposed
  • Pedagogical resources detailing these objectives and how they can be related to children between 3 and 5 years of age are proposed and discussed between professionals

In order for parents to follow and share the activities of their children, a detailed description of the activities is posted each month on an information board at the entrance of the classroom. Each day parents are encouraged to enter the classroom to observe children’s creations and better understand the themes.

Mur pédagogique crèche bilingue   Thème carnaval crèche bilingue

Measuring Progress of a Daycare Project

During the month of February, the children explored the Carnival theme. All the activities organized during this month were therefore aimed to help the child learn something new with a specific goal in mind: painting to improve fine motor skills by holding the brush; a better knowledge of the world: children now know that Venice is in Italy; for their motor development the children walked in a row during the costume parade; they developed their knowledge of shapes and materials by decorating masks. In addition, during each activity, the educational team help promote language learning by getting children talking about what they were doing, their choices and preferences.

The goals and objectives for each of the above examples are defined by the educational team during the preparation of the activity and each professional ensures that each axis of development is explored during the activity. The progress and learning experiences of the children are documented and recorded closely in the preschool groups of the Mont-sur-Lausanne daycare allowing the educators to tailor the following month’s activities to the interests and needs of the children.

An Educational Approach Catered to Professionals and Children

The Preschool Sector distinguishes itself from the rest of the sectors in the daycare through its uses of “documentation and information boards”. Weekly follow-up meetings are also set up in order to share information between educators about the activities and the children.

This pedagogical approach allows the educational team to accomplish its main mission: to encourage learning through discovery, exploration and pleasure while building self-confidence. The organization makes it possible to better anticipate each week’s programs according to the interests and needs of the children in the preschool group. The activities offered are prepared in advance and re-evaluated each day allowing the educators to interact more often with the children. This classroom environment allows children to better express their creativity and it promotes socialization, language and emotional intelligence.

Just recently, the preschool sector has explored a spring theme using this educational approach: picking flower to develop fine motor skills; discussions around the different seasons to promote language skills; art awareness by exploring the art or Arcimboldo through portraits, etc.

Enfants peinture crèche bilingue Enfants peinture crèche bilingue Enfants peinture crèche bilingue

This pedagogy, inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach is filled with pleasurable moment for the children and is beneficial for exploring and developing learning skills.

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