“Sing Along” in the Rolle Daycare !

Every month parents who have their children enrolled in the infant and toddler groups are invited to join their children at the daycare for a “Sing Along”. On the 27th of April, many parents accepted the invitation and it was a big hit.
Following the success of the “Jardin aux Chansons” in the Morges daycare, Fabrizia Rousseau and her educational team set up this project in the Rolle daycare last year allow parents to share a moment of their child’s life at the daycare and get to know the educators a little better.
The “Sing Along” takes place once a month between 5:30 and 6:30 pm. Roughly 30 children along with their parents gather together to sing a collection of songs related to the theme of the moment. According to the number of people present, the “Sing Along” is led by 5 or 6 members of the educational team. The “Sing Along” is also a great way for families to meet and share with other families.
Every “Sing Along” begins with a song used in the daycare to welcome children at the start of their daycare day. Each child and family is welcomed personally during this song.
Depending on the season up to 15 songs are sung in both English and French; Christmas songs in December, Easter songs in April….
Beyond the friendly aspect, singing helps develop a child’s language skills and vocabulary. Each new song is sung several times during the “Sing Along” and later on in the daycare to help children learn while having fun.
Parents are free to bring their own songs and/or instruments and our educational team takes requests!
Each “Sing Along” ends with a song to say goodbye and see you next month.